How to Set Up a Samsung HDTV

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Samsung is one of the leaders in HDTV and LCD development. It was among the first with wall-hung flat screens, super-slim cabinets and 3D HDTV. Samsung is also a good example of why screen calibration should be optimised in every viewing setting. The common issue of overly bright, edge-enhanced images calibrated for bright showroom displays among competing HDTV brands is brought into clear focus with Samsung HDTVs.

Choose the "Movie Mode" setting. This setting allows adjustment of all picture-setting options. For most Samsung LCD HDTVs, using this setting requires only minor tweaks for an outstanding picture.

Fine-tune the picture parameters in "Picture Settings." Set the following to these respective numbers, and adjust up or down to your personal preferences: "Picture Mode" --- "Movie"; "Color Temp" --- Warm 2; "Brightness" --- 47; "Contrast" --- 95: "Color" --- 49; "Tint" --- G49/R51; "Sharpness" --- 0; "Backlight" --- 7.

Adjust "White Balance" settings as follows, but adjust up or down thereafter to your personal preferences: "Red -- Offset" --- 28; "Green -- Offset" --- 25; "Blue -- Offset" --- 16: "Red -- Gain" --- 17; "Green -- Gain" --- 25; "Red -- Gain" - 17; "Blue -- Gain" --- 21.

Set the following settings for the "Black Level," "Noise Reductio" and "Auto Motion": "Gamma" --- minus 1; "Flesh Tone" --- zero; "Digital NR" --- Auto; "HDMI Black Level" --- Low; "Auto Motion" --- Standard.

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