How to Draw Arrows in Word 2007

When you are creating a document, such as a user guide, it's important to call attention to pictures or words to help the reader and add more dimensions to your text. The Microsoft Office Word 2007 application includes special drawing tools that allow users to create lines or shapes to add to their documents. For example, you can draw an arrow to use as a callout or you can insert an arrow shape from the list of pre-designed shapes.

Open the Microsoft Word 2007 program on your computer.

Click on the "Home" tab, if it's not already selected, and then click on the "Shapes" option from the "Drawing" group.

Click on the "Freeform" option below the "Lines" heading. Use your mouse to draw the first side of the arrow in your document.

Drag your mouse to form a second line beside the line you drew. Use your mouse to draw a 90-degree angle over the two lines to form the top of the arrow.

Draw a line to connect the bottom portion of the arrow and then your arrow shape will be complete.

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