How to drain a lawn mower gas tank

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The gas-powered lawnmower has a lot of advantages but there may come a time when you need to work on the engine, prepare the mower for winter storage or otherwise need to drain the gas tank.

The tank can certainly be emptied, How you go about draining all the fuel from the tank will depend on the make and model of your particular mower.

Tip the lawnmower on its side over a collection pan. Open the gas tank cover and let the gasoline pour out. This simple method make not work well with larger mowers, in which case, move on to Step 2.

Detach the tank from the mower and pour the gas into a suitable container. Many gas mowers have a design that makes this a simple procedure. By pulling the tank away from the clips holding it in place, you can then tip it over to remove the contents.

Suck the fuel out with a gravy baster. Place the baster into the tank opening and squeeze the bulb and then release it to allow the fuel to fill up the tube. Remove the baster and empty it into a suitable gasoline container. Repeat this until the gasoline has been emptied from the tank.

Siphon the gas out with a fuel hose and a hand pump. Place the end of the hose into the deepest part of the tank and start pumping. Once you get the flow started, it will continue flowing if the opposite end is lower than the tank until the fuel is gone.