How to Lubricate a Sunroof

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Your sunroof can be a wonderful thing on a gorgeous day. However, because of its location, it is exposed more to the elements than other parts of your vehicle. Extreme heat can wear away at the rubber seals. Hard rains can dampen and rust the metal track that your sunroof opens and closes on. It is important to keep your sunroof lubricated to avoid sticking or even worse problems.

Open your sunroof and spray rust remover on the tracks. Allow it to settle in and then scrub it with a wire brush.

Wipe up the residue with an old rag. Make sure to wipe up any flecks of dirt or rust, as these pieces can get stuck in the track or motor of your sunroof.

Spray the tracks with WD-40 or a similar spray lubricant. Allow it to settle in deeply before wiping up any excess drippings with an old rag.

Spread a small amount of bearing grease along the track of your sunroof. This will not only keep the track lubricated but will also help repel water build-up around the rubber seal of your sunroof.

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