How to Set Up Surround Sound with a Corner TV

Surround sound for a corner TV is not the most optimised set-up for sound quality. But with some homes and rooms, there will be cases when the only option is to put the TV in a corner. By modifying some factors of the room, you can enjoy surround sound even if your TV is located in a corner.

Position your chair or the centre of your sofa directly in front of the TV. From a corner, this would mean angling your chair or sofa at an angle parallel to the TV.

Pull in your TV from the corner as far as you can. The more horizontal space you have between the TV and speakers, the better the sound quality.

Prepare your speakers for installation. The most typical surround sound set-up is a 5.1 set, which will include a front left, front right, centre, left rear, right rear and a big subwoofer. Place the centre speaker directly above or below the TV.

Place the left and right speakers to the sides of your TV and angle it toward the seating area. Make sure that the speakers and the seating area will create as close to an equilateral triangle as you can get it.

Place the left and right rear speakers behind the seating area and angle them toward the centre of your seating area. Level your rear speakers so the sound does not directly hit your head; 1 or 2 feet above your ear level is a good height to put the rear speakers.

Place your subwoofer along the base and centre of a wall and not in a corner.

Continue to tweak and angle your speakers and subwoofer until you are satisfied with the output.