How to Fix Sticky Buttons on a Guitar Hero Controller

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If one of the "fret" buttons on your Guitar Hero controller begins to stick, it can ruin your chance of getting that high score you've worked so hard for. These "fret" buttons on the neck of the guitar tend to become sticky due to spilt drinks, greasy fingers or just a collection of dust and dirt over time. If one of your buttons begins to stick, you may find it easier to clean your controller at home, rather than sending it off to be repaired.

Remove the neck of the Guitar Hero controller from the base by pressing the lever on the back, switching it to the unlocked position. Set the body of the controller to the side.

Dip the toothbrush in the warm water, and brush the bristles with your finger until the toothbrush is damp but not dripping. Gently brush between the coloured "fret" buttons and the black plastic of the neck. Swish the toothbrush in the water to clean it as needed.

Clean the black plastic buttons on the front of the controller base by using the toothbrush and warm water.

Leave the controller separated, and let it dry. Reassemble it once it dries by inserting the neck of the controller back into the body of the controller.

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