How to Wash Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet is a soft fabric with a rich texture available in a wide variety of colours. Whether you are dealing with stretch crushed velvet or a non-stretch crushed velvet, the basic process of washing the material is the same. Crushed velvet may or may not be colour-fast, so always test the fabric first to avoid fading the velvet or causing the colour to bleed onto other items in the wash.

Wet the end of a cotton swab in cool water and rub the swab onto the crushed velvet. If any colour transfers to the swab, do not wash the velvet with any other clothing. This colour transfer indicates that the dye used to colour the velvet will bleed during the wash and stain other clothing in the washing machine.

Set your washing machine to the cold water setting and add laundry soap as the water fills. Use as much laundry soap as you normally would when washing your clothes but do not add bleach.

Add the crushed velvet to the washing machine and allow the wash cycle to run its course.

Remove the crushed velvet from the washing machine when the wash cycle is finished.

Hang the crushed velvet on a clothesline or drape it over a drying rack to air dry.

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