How to Register EA Games

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Electronic Arts usually requires users to register its games to access multiplayer features. Without registration, users are limited to the game's campaign mode only. EA uses the registration code to prevent illegal copying of popular titles, such as the "Madden NFL" and "Battlefield" franchise games. Registering your game will require you to create an EA account from either your Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii console or from EA's website.

Log in to your EA account from either your console or from EA's website. If you are accessing your EA account from your console, select the "Login" option located at the bottom-left corner of the game's main menu; all EA games will have this login option. If you are logging in using EA's website, select "Login," located at the bottom of website.

Select "Register games."

Select "Game platform." Then select your game's title.

Enter the product registration code located on either the front or inside of your game's user manual. Then select "Register" to finish registering your game.

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