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How to make a picture smaller for Twitter

Updated July 20, 2017

Social networks are a popular avenue to make friends. Twitter, a popular social networking site, gives its users the opportunity to update their friends about their current activities with a text message or computer update. It is important to have a photo on Twitter so that your friends know that they are actually following you. Uploading a photo is easy and important to truly personalising your Twitter account.

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  1. Export your photo file to your desktop. This can be done by spotlight searching for the from the name of your file. Once the file is found, drag it to the desktop.

  2. Control-click the photo on your desktop and open with Preview.

  3. Under the tools menu, select the "Adjust Size" option. Resize your photo to meet Twitter's size specifications. To ensure that your photo maintains its crispness, make sure to check the "Scale Proportionally" box.

  4. Find the photo that you wish to make your Twitter avatar.

  5. Right-click your photo and select "Resize Picture" from the drop-down menu.

  6. In the box, select "Small." This will ensure that your photo meets Twitter's specifications.

  7. Right-click the resized photo and select "Save as." Rename your photo to distinguish it from its larger counterpart.

  8. Tip

    To ensure that photos do not become pixelated, make sure you maintain the correct aspect ratio. This is can be done automatically by resizing your photos proportionally. If you choose to do it manually, divide the width of the photo by the height. After changing the width of the photo, multiply your new width by the number you got by dividing the original width by the original height. This will ensure clear photos.


    A Twitter profile supports images only below 700 Kb. Twitter can support JPG, GIF and PNG files. Twitter does not allow for obscene pictures. Make sure your photo does not containing any offensive material before making it your avatar.

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