How to embed radio stations onto sites

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One way to share your love for music is to include some of your favourite songs on your website. You don't have to go out and purchase a lot of music and upload it to the Internet, nor do you have to pay a lot of money to download your favourite songs from online music stores. All you have to do is access online websites that offer streaming radio. You can then embed the radio stations on your own personal site for your website visitors to enjoy.

Find a radio station that you want to embed on your website. You can choose a radio station that plays a specific genre, such as classical, country, soul, hip hop, ambient, or inspirational. Or you can choose a station that plays mixed genres.

To find a radio station you can use websites such as Radio Live, Official USA, Live Radio, Live FM and Live 365. You can also visit the website for your local radio stations since many of them now offer live streaming radio options online.

Sign up for a free user account if the radio station website requires it. You can then select the genre of songs you want to include if there are different genres available.

Look for the "embed" code or "widget" for the radio station. This is an HTML code that will generally be located in a box near the radio station player.

Use your mouse to highlight all of the code in the embed code box. Right-click inside of the embed code box and select "Copy."

Log in to the "Control Panel" of the site where you want to embed the radio station.

Click the "File Manager" or "File Directory" link to access the site's page files.

Open the page you want to embed the radio station on by clicking the "Edit" option for the page. This will open the HTML editor box for the page.

Right-click inside the HTML editor box. Select "Paste." This will paste the embed code for the radio station inside your HTML editor.

Click "Save" to save the radio station on your web page. Click "Publish."

Repeat the process for each radio station you want to add to your website.

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