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How Do I Use an Air Force 4 Bike Pump?

Updated April 17, 2017

The Specialized Airforce 4 bike pump is a top-of-the-line collapsible hand pump. It can fold down to 10 in., has a snap-on carrying clip and can be stored on your bike. Even though its small, the Airforce can push out 160 psi, which is more than enough to fill up any bike tire.

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  1. Remove the cap from your bike tube.

  2. Attach the grey tip of the Airforce 4 pump to the tube. Push the tip on until you hear air leaking out. Rotate the lever on the end of the pump 90 degrees counterclockwise to seal it.

  3. Pull the pump handle all the way out and then push it back in until it stops. You will have to do this about 100 times to fill a tube from flat to full.

  4. Rotate the lever on the end of the pump 90 degrees clockwise and quickly remove the pump from the tire tube. Replace the cap onto the tube.

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