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How to Bypass Blue Coat Proxy

Updated February 21, 2017

Blue Coat WebFilter by Blue Coat Systems, is a Web filtering software commonly used by network administrators at educational institutions and corporate offices to restrict access to websites deemed unsuitable, taking excessive bandwidth or receiving a high flow of traffic. However, when using this software, websites with useful and harmless content may also become blocked by the filtering settings. Luckily, you can use proxy sites to bypass any Internet restrictions and access any website being blocked by the Blue Coat WebFilter software.

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  1. Browse to the website (see Resources). is a safe proxy site that allows you to securely bypass Web restrictions such as firewalls, network policies and Internet filters originating from software like Blue Coat WebFilter. is free to use.

  2. Locate the blank proxy text field which is on the bottom of the page. Type the Web address of the website you want to view.

  3. Click the tab next to the blank text box labelled "Browse." will bypass the Blue Coat WebFilter restrictions.

  4. Go to the NeoProxy site (see Resources). This website is an anonymous proxy that lets you bypass Internet filters set by software like Blue Coat WebFilter for free. With NeoProxy you can access blocked websites at home, work and school.

  5. Enter the Web address for the page you want to access in the yellow text box. The box is located on the upper region of the Web page.

  6. Click the tab that says "Go,"and then wait for NeoProxy to bypass the Blue Coat WebFilter.

  7. Visit the FiveProx proxy server website (see Resources). When you visit FiveProx, you may surf the Internet with anonymity while safely unblocking filtering software like the Blue Coat WebFilter.

  8. Click on the blank text box located in the lower area of the screen. Type the URL for the website you want to visit. A series of icons for popular websites like YouTube, MySpace, Hi5 and Facebook are available under "Ready Made Shortcuts." If you are trying to access any of these websites, simply click on the icon corresponding to the website you want to access.

  9. Click the "Go" tab located next to the text box where you entered the URL in the previous Step. FiveProx will then bypass the Blue Coat WebFilter and give you access to the website you want to view.

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