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How to Donate to Children in Africa

Updated February 21, 2017

Many charitable organisations collect donations for children in Africa who are in need of such basic necessities as food, water and clothing. These organisations collect items such as clothing, nonperishable food and money. Organizations appreciate whatever you are able to give them, whether it is money, clothing or food items.

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  1. Choose a charitable organisation that gives assistance to children in Africa. The Red Cross and UNICEF are non-profit organisations that help people and children around the world. They also can give you information about other charitable organisations that need your assistance. You can find children's charities to donate to online. Aid for Africa has an online list of organisations that accept donations.

  2. Call or find online the agency you want to donate to so you can follow its procedures for donations. Many will pick up items from your home or have a central location where you can drop items off. Also find out how to send money.

  3. Gather the items or money that you are going to donate.

  4. Tip

    Some charities work in certain countries and with certain groups. If you would like your donation to go to a certain country, contact the charity to find out where your donation will go to. Orphanages and organisations that work with AIDS patients also accept donations.


    When donating to a charity, make sure that it is reputable. Many scams take advantage of people's generosity.

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Things You'll Need

  • A charitable organisation
  • Slightly used clothing (optional)
  • School supplies (optional)
  • Nonperishable food (optional)
  • Money of any amount (optional)

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