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How to Host a COD4 Server

Updated July 20, 2017

Call of Duty 4 is a first-person shooter video game that was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision in 2007. This game focuses a World War 2 setting to a modern warfare setting. Players can play online against one another in head to head combat. On the PC release, users can create their own servers so they can customise the online game settings.

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  1. Install Call of Duty 4 onto your desktop computer. Insert the installation disk into your computer and click "Install" on the auto-run menu. Follow the on-screen directions and install your game in the following directory: "C:\Program Files\COD4Server."

  2. Transfer the entire contents of the "COD4Server" folder you created to your server's Desktop using your server's FTP file transfer utility. This process will take a while, as there is a large amount of data to transfer.

  3. Double-click on the "COD4Server" folder on your server's Desktop. Double-click on the "Call of Duty 4" folder to view the contents of this folder.

  4. Right-click on "iw3mp.exe" and select "Create Shortcut" to duplicate the file as a shortcut. Right-click on the shortcut and click "Properties" to open the shortcut properties window.

  5. Add the following information to the existing text in the "Target:" field:

  6. +set dedicated 2 +exec mp-server.cfg +map_rotate.

  7. Open Windows Notepad and select "File" > "Save As..." from the top pull-down menu. Using the save file browser that pops up, navigate to the "Call of Duty 4\Main" folder on your server desktop and save the file as "mp-server.cfg".

  8. Input the following information in your "mp-server.cfg" file:

  9. // Server name

  10. set sv_hostname "My Call of Duty Server"

  11. // Rconpassword

  12. set rcon_password "AdminPass"

  13. // Maximum Clients

  14. set sv_maxclients "24"

  15. set sv_privateclients "0"

  16. // Max Ping

  17. set sv_maxping "300"

  18. // Rate

  19. set sv_maxRate "25000"

  20. // Map_rotation

  21. set sv_mapRotation "gametype war map mp_backlot gametype war map mp_bloc gametype war map mp_bog gametype war map mp_cargoship gametype war map gametype war mp_citystreets gametype war map mp_convoy gametype war map mp_countdown gametype war map mp_crash gametype war map mp_crossfire gametype war map mp_farm gametype war map mp_overgrown gametype war map mp_pipeline gametype war map mp_showdown gametype war map mp_strike gametype war map mp_vacant"

  22. set sv_maprotationcurrent ""

  23. Save the changes to your "mp-server.cfg" file and close it.

  24. Double-click on the "iw3mp.exe" shortcut you created in Step 4 to launch and run your server. You can now host Call of Duty 4 online games on your dedicated server.

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Things You'll Need

  • Call of Duty 4
  • Server FTP Program
  • Windows Server 2003 Dedicated Server

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