How to Use a Dell Driver & Utilities CD

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Dell includes a Drivers and Utilities CD with each of its computers. This CD allows users to run diagnostic utilities if they experience problems with their computer or reinstall drivers if they install a new operating system. Since Dell's CDs typically include drivers for multiple systems, users who know how to properly use the utility CD can complete the installation process quickly and avoid any system crashes.

Identify the drivers you will need for your system. All Dell computers run a version of Windows, so this can be done the same way. Select "Start," then "Control Panel," then "Performance and Maintenance" and then "System." A new window will open with multiple tabs. Select the "Hardware" tab and then click "Device Manager." This will list all the hardware for your system, including CD and DVD drives, video cards, sound cards and network cards. Write this information down so you can easily remember it.

Insert the Dell Utilities CD into your CD drive.

Start the Dell Utilities CD. If the CD does not start running automatically, select "My Computer," then click the CD or DVD drive that contains the disk to start the CD. Follow the prompts if you are asked to install software prior to continuing. You will also be asked to select your language before continuing.

Select the software drivers you wish to install. Under the "Search Criteria" option, select the computer type, the appropriate operating system and the type of software you wish to install.

Install the desired utilities or software. After selecting the software, click the install button. This will open up the software in a separate window. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Repeat the installation process for any additional software. When you finish, eject the CD and close the utility window.

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