How to Put a Decorative Border Around Selected Text in Microsoft Word for Vista

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If you purchased and downloaded the Microsoft Word version that came with your Microsoft Vista package, then you are working with Microsoft Word 2007. This new version of Microsoft Word offers many of the same and several more features than older versions of Microsoft Word. One of the classic features in Microsoft Word 2007 is the creation of decorative borders around selected text. Use these borders to highlight words and give your presentation or paper a little personality.

Select or highlight the text that you wish to create a border around.

Click the "Page Layout" tab at the top of the page.

Open "Page Borders" located in the third column of the "Page Layout" tab.

Click the "Borders" (leftmost) tab in the "Borders and Shading" window that pops up.

Click the pull down "Apply to" menu on the far right column on the borders tab. Select "Text." The text that you highlighted in the document will appear in the preview menu.

Select the type of border that you would like to use from the options in the "settings" column on the left.

Select the style, colour and width that you would like your border to be. These options are located in the centre column.

Look at the preview to make sure that this is the border you desire, then click "OK." The window will close and the border will appear on the page as it did in the preview window.

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