How to Remove the Duplicate Songs in Windows Media Player

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Windows Media Player is the default application for playing audio files on Windows PC computers. Sometimes the media library holds duplicate versions of the same song whose titles are slightly different from one another. The Windows Media Player can check your audio's file paths and trace the duplicate back to the original folder, which WMP can then delete. Note that if you have a large number of duplicates in your WMP library, you may want to simply create an entire new library (see "Tips").

Launch Windows Media Player and press "F3" on your keyboard to access the "Add To Library by Searching Computer" search box.

Press the "Browse" button and highlight the folder that contains the duplicate songs. To determine which folder holds the duplicate files, click the "Library" tab in Windows Media Player's main window. Click the "Choose Columns" tab in the "View" menu and select the "File Path" box. Press "OK" to reveal the "file paths" (folders) storing your music.

Click the "Search" button. Windows Media Player will automatically search for the files in the folder you previously chose and remove any inactive files that no longer exist. (If the invalid duplicate search directs you to another folder, repeat the above steps and highlight the correct folder.)

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