How to Reset Bans in uTorrent

The BitTorrent file-sharing program uTorrent contains a feature that lets you ban IP addresses that are sharing a particular file you are downloading. If you see that a user who is helping share a file is not contributing in a way that you expect or you don't want that user to connect to your computer, you can ban him to keep him from connecting again. Resetting the bans on a particular file in uTorrent erases any bans you made for that file, allowing all IP addresses to connect to your computer.

Open the uTorrent program from the Start Menu or Desktop shortcut.

Click on "All" or "All Files" in uTorrent's left navigation pane. You will see a list of your uTorrent files.

Right-click on the file in the list for which you want to reset the bans.

Click on "Advanced."

Click "Reset Bans" to reset the bans.

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