How to Share Excel Spreadsheets

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Group collaborations with Excel spreadsheets are enhanced when those spreadsheets are shared. Sharing a spreadsheet enables multiple people to make changes to a document in a shared location. The owner of the spreadsheet can open it a later time and approve or reject changes made to the spreadsheet. Excel keeps a log of the changes and the owner can modify the amount of time for which the changes are tracked.

Open Excel and select a spreadsheet to share. Select "Open" on the menu bar and browse your computer for the spreadsheet you want to share. Select the spreadsheet and click on "Open."

Select the "Review" tab and "Share Workbook." The Share Workbook dialogue box appears. Click the "Editing" tab. Check the option for "Allow changes by more than one user at the same time. This also allows workbook merging."

Click the "Advanced" tab. In the Track Change section, select "Keep change history for 30 days." The day value can be changed from 1 to 32,767 days. In the Update Changes section, select the option that reflects how you want the spreadsheet changes updated. In the Conflicting Changes Between Users Section, select the option that reflects how you want conflict changes handled. Click "OK."

Save your shared workbook in a network location so others users can have access to it. The workbook will display the word "Shared" in the title bar to indicate that it is shared.

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