How to open an XPS document in Word

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The XML Paper Specification (XPS) format is basically an electronic version of XML-based digital documents. The format retains the look and feel of your document, like a photograph, and includes the original pagination. Although Word 2007 includes an add-in that lets you save Word files as XPS documents, no option is available to open files in that format within Word. You can, however, use a converter to open XPS files in Word.


Install and open Able2Extract on your computer (see Resources). Select "File" and "Open" from the Able2Extract menu.

Change "Files of type" to "All Files" in the "Open" dialogue box. Then find and double-click the XPS document you want to open.

Select "Edit" and "Select All Pages" from the toolbar to highlight the text in the entire document. Then click the "Convert to Word" icon from the toolbar.

Select "Standard" to retain background graphics and textual layout. Then click on "Convert."

Select "Word Document" and click "Convert."

Name the file in the "Save As" dialogue box and click on "Save." Choose "Complete Conversion," then go to Microsoft Word.

Click the "Open" button. Find and double-click the converted XPS file in the "Open" dialogue box to open it in Word.


Go to the CometDocs web page (see Resources) and click "Browse." Navigate to the XPS document on your computer and double-click it.

Choose "XPS to Word" for the type of file.

Enter your e-mail into the email text field, then click "Send."

Go to your e-mail box and open the email containing the converted file. Save the file to your computer.

Go to Microsoft Word and click the "Open" button. Select and double-click the file you saved in the previous step to open it in Word.


Install Nuance on your computer (see Resources), then open Microsoft Word. Select the Office Button (in Word 2007) or "File" menu (in Word 2003), then click "Open PDF/XPS."

Change "Files of type" to "XPS." Then find and open the XPS file. The document will open in Word.

Select the Office Button (in Word 2007) or "File" menu in (Word 2003), then click on "Save As." Name the file and click on "Save" to save it in a Word format.

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