How to Sell Makeup Online

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If you're looking to make extra money by selling make-up online, then consider working for companies like Avon, Mary Kay or Element 5 Mineral Make-Up. These companies allow you to be your own boss because you can work from your home computer and set your own schedule.

Find a cosmetic company that allows you to sell make-up online. Most companies require you to pay a start-up fee that covers the cost of make-up samples, training materials, catalogues and promotional literature.

Read the sales agreement and contracts before signing up. Some companies require you to sell a minimum amount of products each month to continue employment as a sales associate.

Create a personal website where clients can buy make-up directly from you. The cosmetic company will provide you with a login where you can customise your online store by including your name, address and telephone number in case customers have questions about the products.

Start marketing your online store. Don't forget to tell all your friends, family and neighbours about your online make-up store.

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