How to Fix an Alarm System That Keeps Beeping

The purpose of a home alarm system is to provide warning when danger is imminent -- whether that is from an intruder or a potential disaster such as a fire. An alarm system that keeps beeping indicates that the battery backup -- designed to function should there be a loss of electrical power to the house -- is either running low on power or has become loose from its connections inside the control panel. To fix the alarm system so that the beeping stops, remove the battery and replace it with a fresh battery that has a good connection to the panel's electrical system. A few household tools will be needed.

Disarm the alarm system by entering the appropriate password into the control panel's keyboard or touch screen.

Trip the circuit breaker in the fuse box to discontinue the power to the control panel.

Open the control panel's cover -- screws may need to be taken off first with a Phillips screwdriver -- and remove the battery cables from the backup battery that has become drained of power. Remove the battery and dispose of it properly.

Scrape the exposed ends of the battery leads with the blade of a utility knife to improve their conductivity.

Insert a replacement battery into the control panel's battery compartment. Attach the battery leads to the battery in the same manner as they were when attached to the now-removed battery.

Close the cover -- reattaching screws if necessary -- and return power to the electric line. Rearm the control panel by entering the password again.

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