How to make fishing nets with knots

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A fishing net is made from a simple, open-weave material of string or twine. You can make a fishing net by making simple knots in string to create the weave. Knotting your own fishing net enables you to make the net as wide and long as you want, with your preferred size of weave opening.

You will need to dedicate some time to the making the net, but with some practice, you will eventually be able to work quickly and effortlessly.

Attach the ends of a length of string to a wall or table where you want to work. Drive two nails into the surface, and tie the ends of the string around the nails. The length of the string determines how wide your net will be.

Wind a shuttle with the string with which you are making your net. You can add more string if you finish the shuttle while you are tying your net. A net shuttle is a tool used to hold and dispense the string as you make your net.

Leave a length of the string hanging down from the shuttle and hold it in your left hand.

Pass the shuttle up, behind the secured string at the far left side. Don't let go of the loose end of the string.

Bring the shuttle down over the secured string and to the left of the loose string in your hand.

Pass the shuttle behind the loose string in your hand and bring the shuttle down through the top of the loop. This loop is formed around the loose string in your hand.

Pull the shuttle to tighten the knot and let go of the loose end of the string.

Run your fingers along the string from the shuttle, starting at the knot you just tightened.

Stop your fingers at the point where you want to make the size of the holes in the net. The point at which you are holding the string is the halfway point of the width of the holes.

Hold the string in your fingers so it is taught, and pull the shuttle up to form a "V" shape.

Pass the shuttle behind the secured string using the same technique that you used for the first knot.

Bring the shuttle down and to the middle of the "V" shape. The shuttle should pass inside the "V" and come out to the right of the strings.

Pass the shuttle threw the top of the new loop you formed, pulling tightly to form the knot.

Continue to knot the net in the same way, working in horizontal rows until the net is as long as you want it to be.