How to make floral arrangements for a pedestal

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Floral arrangements dress up a room, adding both colour and fresh scents to the decor Although you could set a vase of flowers on a table, pedestals allow floral arrangements to reach other areas of a room. You can place the pedestal in a corner to add colour to an otherwise bare area or use the pedestal as a focal point in a room. As you create your floral arrangement, tailor it to the look and design of the pedestal.

Use a flower pot that can fit on the top of the pedestal. Choose one that leaves at least an inch of room around the base of the flower pot on the surface of the pedestal. If the pedestal is wobbly, choose a short, wide flower pot. If there's no chance of someone bumping the pedestal, choose a tall, narrow flower pot.

Match the pot and flower colours to the colour and design of the pedestal. A blue pedestal would match a white flower pot with blue and orange flowers. If your pedestal is a neutral colour, such as white, you have more choices for pot and flower colours. Purchase three different kinds of flowers in varying sizes.

Place your flower pot on a hard, level surface such as a table or kitchen countertop. Since pedestals aren't as steady, avoid arranging the flowers on them. Place moistened floral foam at the bottom of your flower pot or vase.

Add greenery to your flower arrangement. Stick the stems of the greenery, whether fern fronds, ivy or lamb's ear leaves, into the floral foam. Arrange the greenery evenly throughout the floral arrangement. Let some leaves hang over the side of the vase and place others in the middle of the arrangement.

Insert the stems of the largest flower type into the floral foam first. Keep these flowers near the middle of the arrangement, spread out evenly through the greenery. Place the second largest flowers in the arrangement, interspersed among the greenery and larger flowers. Place the smallest flowers throughout the others, closest to the outside rim of the flower pot.

Place your new flower arrangement on top of the pedestal in the middle of the pedestal surface. Stand back from the pedestal and inspect the arrangement. Turn the vase until you are satisfied with how the floral arrangement looks with the pedestal and the rest of the room.

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