How to Assemble a Poang Chair

The Poang chair is a popular piece of furniture from Ikea. The chair frame is constructed out of several glued layers of birch and features an adjustable headrest. The cushions are covered with 100 per cent leather for durability and quick cleaning.

The Poang chair comes in a wide variety of colours and can hold a maximum weight of 170 Kilogram.

Attach the back of the Poang chair to the seat. Overlap the screw holes of the back piece with the screw holes of the seat. Insert the end of the Allen key into the head of the filler plug and insert it into the screw holes from the underside of the chair frame. From the top, screw in the two short screws with a Philips screwdriver.

Attach the two straight, wooden braces to the curved arm and leg pieces. Insert the four metal barrel nuts into the holes on the braces and tighten with a flathead screwdriver. Once the barrel nuts are in place, attach the braces to both arm and leg pieces with the Allen key and four long screws.

Place the seat of the chair onto the arm and leg pieces, which now form the frame of the chair.

Attach the seat and chair frame together. Place the two round washers on top of the screw holes at the top of the chair frame, between the frame and seat. Use the Allen key to screw the two long screws into the holes.

Use the Allen key to attach the bottom of the seat assembly to the chair frame with the other two long screws.

Lay the chair cushion onto the assembled seat. Wrap the straps, located behind the headrest, around the top, vertical slat and snap the cushion in place.

Insert the tabs of the two side braces into the holes of one of the leg pieces. The long groove running the length of the side braces will face inward and be at the top.

Insert the two barrel nuts into the holes of the leg braces and tighten with the flathead screwdriver. Using an Allen key, attach the leg piece with the long screws.

Slide the cushion base of the ottoman into place. It slides along, and sits in, the long groove at the top of the side braces.

Attach the other leg piece. Insert the tabs of the side braces into the slots, insert the barrel nuts into the holes and use the Allen key to drive the two remaining long screws into the screw holes.

Attach the ottoman's cushion to the base of the ottoman. Line up the Velcro strips on the base with the strips on the underside of the cushion and press down.