How to make a squishy stress ball

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Squishy stress balls are a great way to relieve tension and build muscle in your hands and forearms. Sit it on your desk at work, or keep next to your nightstand to just pick up and squeeze to help relieve some stress.

You can buy squishy stress balls at several stores; however, it is simple and cheap to make one right at home. Homemade squishy stress balls even make great gifts.

Sift about 1 1/2 cups of play sand through a fine sieve and into a bowl.

Place the tip of a funnel into a water balloon. Pour the sand through the funnel and into the water balloon.

Tie the tip of the balloon into a knot to secure it. Add ribbon, draw on the balloon with a marker or decorate it however you would like to personalise your squishy stress ball.