How do I Remove Scratches From Black Appliances?

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Appliances are normally made of steel. Some appliances have a shiny black finish that can add a completely new look to your kitchen. However, these appliances can be scratched if something hits or falls on them or if they are scrubbed with something abrasive. Light scratches can be fixed with car wax, but deep scratches that expose the steel underneath the black paint need a different technique.

Dampen the soft sponge and apply the car wax to the scratch as per the directions on the container, spreading it across the scratch and onto the surrounding appliance surface.

Wait for the wax to dry as instructed on the container.

Use a soft cloth to buff the wax until any excess is removed.

Apply liquid paper or white shoe polish to the scratched area. This will fill in any scratches while making each scratch very visible so it can be removed.

Sand the affected area with a block sander until the scratches are completely gone.

Apply a car rubbing compound to the buffed area and polish. This rubbing compound is designed to polish up the scratches left on the appliance by the sanding.

Apply car wax as directed on the container and buff out with a soft cloth. Allow to dry.

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