How to remove scratches from polycarbonate panels

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Polycarbonate plastics include Lexan and Makrolan. They are similar to polymethyl methacrylates like Plexiglas and Lucite, but polycarbonates are much stronger and comparatively expensive. They are used in products as diverse as DVDs, prescription lenses, aquarium windows and motorcycle windshields. Despite their strength, polycarbonates do scratch. Bayer Material Science, the manufacturer of Makrolan, specifically recommends plastic polishes sold by Meguiars, Novus and Plexus to remove scratches from its polycarbonate.

Ensure the polycarbonate is cool to the touch. Use a liberal amount of plastic cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Remove the plastic cleaner with a soft, cotton cloth.

Test the plastic polish in a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it is compatible with your polycarbonate panel.

Polish large or badly damaged areas using a power buffer and a clean, cotton bonnet. Do not operate the buffer at speeds higher than 1,000 revolutions per minute. Use a clean, new bonnet each time you buff polycarbonate.

Buff smaller or less damaged areas with a clean, cotton cloth and a small amount of plastic polish.

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