How to Check a Wii ISO

a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

If you use your Nintendo Wii to run home-brewed (amateur-developed) software or games, or you've chipped the console to run imported titles, you will often need to work with ISO (International Standardization Organization) files, which are software versions of DVD disc images.

Many ISO images have been incorrectly ripped from DVDs or encoded with bad data; using an ISO checking program to check the data for accuracy will help you to download and run only working code.

Download an ISO checker compatible with Wii data. Two such programs can be found under Resources.

Double-click the downloaded file to unzip and save the file to your desktop.

Navigate to the ISO file you wish to check. Right-click the file and choose "Open With." Navigate to the ISO checking program saved to your desktop and double-click.

Wait for the file to load in the program. Some programs will display a message immediately declaring that the data is either good or bad ("Checksum Passed" or "Checksum Failed"); others require that you click the "Verify" button in the software's main window to check the code.