Homemade Windsock

windsock image by Martin Mullen from Fotolia.com

Windsocks are beautiful when they are billowing in the wind, and are also a great way to know which direction the wind is blowing. Although you can purchase a manufactured windsock from a gardening store, it can be more creative to make your own windsock at home. In order to successfully create a homemade windsock, it is important to follow a few basic guidelines that will make sure that your windsock will work properly.

Cut a section of cotton fabric to meausre 36 inches long and 24 inches wide.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise.

Thread a needle, and knot the end.

Sew along the length of the folded fabric. This will make a fabric tube.

Turn the tueb inside out. This will make the rough edges remain on the inside of the windsock.

Use wire cutters to cut a 24 inch section out of a wire hanger.

Bend the 24 inch section into a circle using pliers.

Slip the wire circle around one end of the fabric tube.

Fold the fabric on the end around the wire.

Sew around the end, effectively sewing the wire circle inside the fabric tube.

Sew three pieces of twine onto the wire end of the tube. Make each piece of twine measure about 12 inches long.

Knot the ends of the twine together, and hang the handmade windsock outdoors.

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