How to dye feathers

Brian Maudsley/iStock/Getty Images

You can dye feathers for crafts projects or to make your own fashion statements. Dying feathers is a challenge because you cannot boil them. They need to be dyed at room temperature for the best results. The following steps will show you the best way to dye feathers at room temperature with acid dyes.

Wear rubber gloves to avoid skin contact with the dye mixture. Wear goggles to avoid any of the mixture getting into your eyes which could cause eye injury.

Boil a small amount of water for the dye mixture.

Dissolve 1 tsp of PRO WashFast Acid Dye in the color of your choice into 1 or 2 tsp of the boiling water.

Add more hot water after the acid dye is dissolved. You'll need to add enough to make 118 ml (1/2 cup) of dye. Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature.

Add 118 ml (1/2 cup) cup of rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol. Mix with a metal spoon.

Dip a light-colored or white feather into the mixture. Let the feather sit in the mixture as long as it takes to get to the desired color.

Set the feathers on wax paper and let them air dry.

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