How to Make a Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holder

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Recycle Mason jars into simple candle holders to add an element of country-chic style to the interior or exterior of your home. One Mason jar candle holder provides a soft, warm glow while a group of them can be hung outdoors from hooks or tree branches to provide light and decoration for an outdoor party. When hanging the Mason jar is not an option, you can still use the candle holder on a table or counter.

Wash the empty Mason jar in hot, soapy water, then rinse and allow the jar to dry upside down on a clean towel.

Cut a piece of craft wire at least 16 to 20 inches longer than the diameter of the Mason jar with wire snips. Use craft wire with a gauge between 16 and 24 to ensure that the wire is strong enough to hold the Mason jar candle holder.

Wrap the piece of craft wire around the top of the mason jar -- just under the threaded part of the jar -- to form a wire loop. Twist the wire together with pliers to close the loop while keeping the ends of the wire at equal lengths.

Bend the ends of the wire over the top of the mason jar until they meet the opposite side of the wire loop to form curved handles.

Slip the ends of the wire handles between the wire loop and the jar. Bend the tips of the wire up to secure the handles to the wire loop.

Pour 2 inches of sand or colourful craft sand into the Mason jar and nestle a tea light or votive candle into the sand.

Hang the Mason jar candle holder by its wire handles.

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