How to Use Windows Media Center to Play ZSNES on an XBox 360

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The Microsoft Xbox 360 can be used to play a large library of games designed for the console, as well as an ever-expanding back catalogue of games from the original Xbox. However, it's also possible to use the machine to run games from a personal computer, streamed to your console over a home network.

This includes running the popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, Zsnes. The program can be used to emulate SNES games on the screen used for playing the Xbox 360.

Move your "Zsnes" directory to the root of your computer's "C:/" drive, so the directory's path is "C:/Zsnes."

Open your computer's "Start" menu and select "Notepad" from the "Programs" directory.

Copy the following text into your Notepad file:


name = "Zsnes"

SharedViewport = ""

NowPlayingDirective = ""

run = "C:/Zsnes/Zsnes.exe">







cdburning="False" />

Open Notepad's "File" menu and select "Save As." Save the file as "Zsnes.MCL." Depending on your computer's settings, you may have to save the file as "Zsnes.TXT," then right-click and manually change the suffix to "MCL."

Turn on your Xbox 360 and open Windows Media Center. Navigate to the "My Programs" section of the menu and select "Zsnes" to run the program from your Xbox 360.