How to Copyright Something in the UK

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In the United Kingdom, there is no copyright office for artists, writers and other creators to register a work. If you want to copyright something in the UK, you don't fill out a registration form or pay a fee to have your work protected. According to the UK Intellectual Property Office, copyright is an automatic right that occurs as soon as you create something. The key to this automatic right is that the work you have created must be in a tangible form.

Put your creation in a fixed, or tangible, form. For example, if it is a poem that you want to copyright, then put it on paper. Or if it is a song, then put it on a CD.

Take the fixed form of your creation and mark it with the copyright symbol, a ā€œCā€ in a circle, along with your name and the year of creation. In instances, such as a CD or DVD, just write on the actual CD or DVD.

Use special delivery post to send yourself a copy of the creation, which you should leave sealed. With special delivery post, there is a clear date stamp on the package. This can be useful if you have to go to court to prove ownership of the creation.

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