How to enable smart move

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"Smart Move" is a feature of a Logitech mouse, included in their program SetPoint. This feature automatically moves the mouse pointer to the default button when dialogue boxes appear. For example, you have probably seen a dialogue box asking "Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?" or something to that effect. With Smart Move enabled, the mouse pointer would automatically move to the "Yes" button, so you don't have to move before clicking it.

Although "Smart Move" is a feature of Logitech mice, Windows 7 also has this feature in its basic mouse controls. However, Windows calls this feature "Snap To."

Open your Logitech SetPoint program.

Click the second tab on the left that displays an image of a moving mouse pointer. The tab title is "Mouse Movement," but you cannot see the title until you click the image.

Click the box under "Smart Move" so that you leave a check mark in it to "enable" the option. Click "Apply" to confirm the selection and "OK" to exit the settings.

Click "Start," type "mouse" and select "mouse" to open the mouse controls.

Select the "Pointer Options" tab.

Place a check mark in the box by "Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialogue box," which is located within the "Snap To" section. Press "Apply" to confirm selection and "OK" to exit the window.

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