How to Fix a TV Bracket to a Wall

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One of the benefits of newer flat screen televisions is that they can be affixed to a wall with a TV bracket. Since the television can be mounted anywhere there are studs, this opens up a whole new host of TV placement possibilities.

Many brackets also allow you to pull the TV away from the wall and position it at different angles. This allows you to easily access the television’s inputs and to position the TV so that it can be viewed from anywhere in the room.

Determine where on the wall you would ideally like to mount the TV bracket. You must mount the bracket to studs, so you may not be able to mount the bracket in the exact location you choose.

Locate the studs closest to the area you selected using an electronic stud finder.

Mark the wall directly over the centre of the studs using a pencil.

Hold the bracket against the wall, and move it around to find a position where you will be able to mount the bracket directly on the centre of the studs.

Use a level to ensure that the TV bracket is level.

Mark the wall in the exact spots where the screws will need to be placed to mount the bracket. After you’ve marked all the spots, you no longer need to hold the TV bracket against the wall.

Verify that your marks are directly over the centre of studs using the stud finder.

Drill holes into the studs where the screws will go using an electric drill and a drill bit that is one-standard size or two metric sizes smaller than your screws.

Affix the bracket to the wall by screwing it into place on the wall.