How to Remove Security Stickers

Similar to the large plastic security tags found on clothing, security stickers are placed on most high-priced electronics and even some video games and DVDs. These small, flat stickers are easier to place on an electronic device, on either the outside or inside of the package. When someone passes through a security checkpoint when exiting a building, these security stickers set off an alarm if the items has not been paid for and the sticker deactivated by a store clerk. Since the stickers are firmly affixed to prevent thieves from pulling them off, they can become hard for you to remove at home.

Fold a paper towel to be about 1/2 inch larger than the security sticker on all sides.

Pour vinegar onto the paper towel until it is soaked.

Sit the paper towel on top of the security sticker and let sit for five minutes. The vinegar will loosen the adhesive glue used to make the sticker stay on the package.

Remove the paper towel and pull off the sticker. Repeat for an additional five minutes if the security sticker is not easily removed.

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