How to Sell Hummel Figures

Hummel figurines were first created in the early 1900s by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel and are based on soft, childlike images. Hummel partnered with the company W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik (Goebel), which was founded in Germany in 1871. Authentic Hummel figures have M.I.

Hummel’s signature on the bottom as well as a mould number to identify the model of the figurine. Hummel figurines are valued by many collectors and pieces in good condition are in demand. There are a few ways to sell Hummel figurines.

Find antique websites that offer a classified ads section, such as iCollector or post an ad on sites such as Include detailed information in the post, including the mould number and a description of the figurine that includes the condition of the item. Post detailed photographs as well. Do not give out any personal bank, identification or financial information beyond basic contact information. Meet in a public place and bring someone with you when meeting prospective buyers.

Look at local antique store listings and call stores that indicate that they purchase items from buyers or have collectable figurines. Inquire if they purchase Hummel figurines, and if they can recommend other dealers who purchase the figurines. Remember when selling to antique stores that dealers are looking to optimise their own profits when reselling items, so the price offered may not be as high as selling directly to a Hummel collector.

Place an ad in the classified section of monthly collectable magazines and newsletters. Examples of monthly publications include “Collector Editions” magazine and “Antique Trader” magazine.

Join enthusiast clubs such as the M.I. Hummel Club and speak with other members on online forums to find others who are seeking figurines that you have in your possession. In addition, ask other members where they recommend selling Hummel figurines.

Look for antique collectable websites that sell Hummel figurines and contact them to inquire if they also purchase Hummel items. If you have a figurine in which they are interested, most dealers will be willing to make an offer to buy the figurine.