How to transfer an applecare warranty

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AppleCare warranties (also called AppleCare Protection Plans) are an extended warranty that can be purchased for many Apple products, including the Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhone. If you sell or give away the covered Apple device, you can transfer the AppleCare warranty to the device’s new owner. Each plan may only be transferred once.

Ask the person to whom you are planning to transfer the plan to look over the terms and conditions of the plan. These were included in the plan’s original packaging and can also be accessed online at or by clicking on the link in the Resources for this article. The person to whom you are planning to transfer the plan must agree to these terms and conditions for the transfer to be considered valid by Apple.

Give the device’s new owner the original proof of purchase for the AppleCare warranty, the certificate you received when you purchased the plan and the receipt for the covered Apple product. These materials may be requested by Apple if the device’s new owner needs to have it repaired under the warranty. Apple also requests that you give all additional materials that were included with the AppleCare protection plan to the device’s new owner; however, these materials will not be requested from Apple at a later date.

Send Apple an e-mail, fax or letter stating that you are transferring the plan to another person. Your notification needs to include the Plan Agreement Number (which can be found on your AppleCare Protection Plan certificate), the serial number of the Apple device covered by the warranty, the full name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address of the device’s new owner.

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