How to Adjust the Balance on an iPod

Monkey Business Images Ltd/Valueline/Getty Images

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to adjust the balance on an iPod as Apple designed the iPod without a balance adjustment feature. However, there are alternative measures that can be taken to adjust the balance on an iPod by using third-party hardware.

Finally, Apple has a specific feature request where users can request that Apple add a certain feature to any of its devices. If you are interested in a software balance adjustment feature, request it. (See Resources)

Use balance-control headphones. Plug them into your iPod. You can control stereo balance directly on the headphones.

Purchase an in-line volume-control device. (See References)

Connect the in-line volume-control device to your iPod.

Connect your headphones to the in-line volume control.

Turn on your iPod, you can now control stereo balance by adjusting the channels on the in-line volume control.