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How to Keep a Toddler Off the Top Bunk Bed

Updated February 21, 2017

A child's safety is of the utmost concern for all parents, and when your child becomes a toddler, chasing him or her around to ensure safety becomes a time-consuming task. Toddlers are very curious, and can be quite daring. You may have a climber on your hands that loves to climb everything they come in contact with. For parents who've purchased bunk-beds, keeping a toddler from venturing up the ladder into harm's way can be difficult. Thankfully, most bunk-beds are built with safety measures installed to combat the overcurious toddler. Even with these safety features in place, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your toddler stays off the top bunk.

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  1. Place the bunk-beds in a corner of the room, so that the headboard and one side of the bed remains against the wall. Bunk-beds set in the middle of the room offer more available climbing positions. With one side against the wall, you will reduce the amount of available climbing area.

  2. Remove the ladder when the bed is not in use if possible. Many bunk-beds come with removable ladders, and you can put the ladder up, in the closet or elsewhere, to keep your toddler from getting to the top bunk.

  3. Move other furniture such as trunks, nightstands, or small tables away from the bunk-beds, or out of the room. Smaller furniture can enable a child to climb the bunk-beds without a ladder. Keeping this type of furniture away from the bed will ensure that your child won't have other options to get on top of the beds.

  4. Lock the door to the room when the room isn't occupied. This will ensure that your toddler doesn't get into the room when you aren't looking, and venture up to the top bunk.

  5. Talk to your toddler about the importance of staying off of the top bunk. In any way possible, explain to the child that you don't want them to get hurt playing on the top bunk, and that doing so is very dangerous.

  6. Warning

    Ensure that you have a bunk-bed equipped with guardrails on the top bunk that extend to a height of at least 6-inches. Just encase your toddler gets on the top bunk, this will reduce the possibility of him or her falling off.

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