How to Become a Certified Boxing Trainer

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Becoming a certified boxing trainer is a practical career trajectory for a former amateur or professional boxer and someone who would consider themselves an expert.

Certified trainers carry a lot of responsibility, as they typically help boxers prepare mentally and physically for fights, as well as expand their skill set and general knowledge. The process of becoming a certified boxing trainer takes some dedication, but if you enjoy the sport it should be well worth it and open you up to new opportunities.

Learn. No matter you current level of knowledge, there is always more to learn. Enrol in local classes, and review fights on television, or in person if possible, to keep abreast of new techniques. This will also serve as advance preparation for the certification course that you will be required to take.

Get experience. In addition to increasing your boxing IQ on a mental level, if you don't have first hand boxing experience on an amateur or a professional level gain some. Clients are more apt to use a trainer, and take advice from one, who has experience in the ring.

Locate the nearest Local Boxing Committee. You can do so by visiting their website (see Resources) and calling or e-mailing a representative for address information.

Apply for certification at the nearest Local Boxing Committee office. You will need to register for and complete a six-hour program to become certified.