Hair Perm Rules

If you want to get your hair permed, you should make sure certain rules are followed. It takes a certain type of hair, proper preparation, proper perming and proper aftercare to achieve attractive results. If you do not follow the basic rules involved with permed hair, you can end up with more than just an ugly hairstyle. A bad perm can destroy your hair beyond any hope of repair. Your only choice will be to slowly trim away the fried strands as your hair grows out.

Consultation Perm Rule

Talk to your stylist about how well a perm would work on your hair type before you even consider undergoing the procedure. Your stylist will examine your hair length, type, size and health to determine how the perming chemicals will react. If your stylist advises against a hair perm, it's best to take the advice. Getting rid of a bad perm is a long and unattractive process.

Colouring Perm Rule

Wait to dye or have your hair trimmed and styled if you plan to get permed hair. Colouring your hair before a perm can weaken and damage your strands, making them too fragile to withstand perming. Trimming and styling your hair before a perm is futile, since the perm will change your look. The perm will just need to be trimmed and styled again after the curls set.

Preparation Perm Rule

Reduce the potential damage from a perm by preparing your hair for the process. You want to get your hair into the best health possible to withstand the harsh perming chemicals. Start doing deep conditioning sessions two times a week to boost the moisture levels in your hair. Try to refrain from blow-drying, curling or crimping your hair to give the strands time to heal from styling stresses.

Setting Perm Rule

You must wait 12 to 72 hours for the curls to set before you can wet, brush or wash your newly permed hair. Your stylist will recommend the exact amount of time you should wait. This will vary, according to your hair length and the type of perm you received. You can only use your fingers to gently smooth and style your hair during the perm setting time.

Hair Product Perm Rule

Use hair care products created specifically for permed hair to prevent frizzy, dry, damaged and/or limp strands. These shampoos, conditioners and styling products include ingredients that help promote and hold curls while excluding ingredients that may damage and relax curls. In addition to helping preserve your perm, the products also include special moisturisers to keep the curled strands flexible and healthy.

Styling Perm Rule

Use your fingers and/or a wide-tooth pick to style permed hair. Brushing the perm will only break up the curls and cause frizzing. It is best to avoid blow drying permed hair whenever possible. If you do need to use a blow dryer, make sure to use a diffuser attachment to help soften the stream of hot air.

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