How to Use a Steam Generator Iron

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A steam generator iron is a clothes iron that creates steam while it is in use to increase its effectiveness on your clothes. The steam is able to penetrate into the fabric of the clothing. This makes it more flexible and makes wrinkles and creases easier to remove.

A steam generator iron uses pressurised steam from a separate reservoir that you can spray into your clothes as you are using it.

Fill the reservoir of the iron with water. When the iron is off, open the cover and pour water inside. Try not to go past the MAX indicator.

Plug in the iron. The power and heat indicator lights should go on.

Set the temperature on the steam generator iron. Follow the temperature instructions on the garment for the correct temperature setting, then wait for the iron to heat up.

Turn the steam adjustment knob to the proper setting for the garment you are working on. Press the steam button and begin ironing the clothes.