How to Create Your Own Beauty Contest Certificates

Blank award certificate form image by Stasys Eidiejus from

If you are having your own beauty contest for real or just for fun, beauty contest certificates are a great way to acknowledge the contestants. You can create your own beauty contest certificates easily on your home computer with little more supplies than a computer, printer and paper. Using the Microsoft program Word a beauty contest certificate can be easily made, customised and printed.

Open Microsoft Word from your computer. New Word programs may be called Microsoft Office Word. Microsoft Word offers a variety of blank documents for you to customise.

Click on file, then click on new document. Open up a new document by clicking on 'Award Certificates.'

Click on your choice of an award certificate. For a beauty contest, a certificate with a floral or beauty theme is one idea.

Fill in the document where necessary. Be sure to add things like the name of your beauty contest, what the certificate is for and who it is for.

Print out the certificate and sign and date it if necessary.

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