How to Paint a Hair Salon

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The colour and decor of your hair salon can have a major influence on your clientele and whether they want to come back. In addition to making the salon feel inviting, designing and painting the space to suit the style and tempo of the salon is essential.

Color is one of the most important choices for a hair salon to create a mood for the business.

Determine the mood you want to convey to clients. For a relaxing or calming space, paint colours that are muted or pastel are suitable. Such colours include lavender, sage, creamy yellow or bluish-grey. An upbeat salon may use more vibrant shades like red, orange, greens and blues.

Mix variations of shades depending on where clients are sitting. For example, a soft lavender shade in the waiting area provides calmness to the client, and once they move into the styling area, the colour can get more vibrant and energetic, with a purple variation such as eggplant.

Contrast paint colour with accent materials like wood, glass, and textiles. For a calming salon, using a softer colour such as sage and mixing it with dark wood accents such as trim or panelling can create a tranquil space. Liven it up by pairing more vibrant colours with metal or glass accents such as wall or pop art, glass chandeliers or modern metal furniture. Use a shag-style rug around the waiting area to provide contrast and comfort to waiting clients.

Create a visually pleasing palette by using different colours. According to Belvedere, an interior design company specialising in hair salons, 75 per cent of the space should be a main colour, with 20 per cent working as a trim or accent colour. The final 5 per cent can include textiles and upholstery such as complementing drapery, rugs in the waiting area and furniture.

Choose colours that will make your space look inviting. If your salon is small, avoid darker colours that will make it look smaller. Choose a warm earth tone, such as creamy shades of green, blue, yellow or red and add plenty of lighting and mirrors to open up the space.