How Can I Control My Pioneer Amp Using a Sky Remote?

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Sky is a satellite television subscription service available in the United Kingdom. The company's receiver boxes come with a remote control that can be programmed to work with other audio-video components, such as a Pioneer amplifier.

Pioneer components respond to remote control commands when the remote is programmed with the correct three-digit code. The Sky remote is programmed in a specific sequence with the three-digit number so it can be used to control basic amplifier functions such as volume adjustment.

Turn on the Pioneer amplifier by pressing the "Power" button and point the Sky remote at the component.

Press and hold the "AV" and "Select" buttons on the remote control at the same time until a red LED on the remote blinks two times.

Enter one of the three-digit codes for controlling Pioneer components listed in the Tips section.

Press the "Select" button on the Sky remote.

Press the "STDBY" (Standby) button on the Sky remote to complete the code entry. Then test operation of the Pioneer amplifier by pressing the "Power" button on the remote. Next, test the volume controls by pressing the up and down arrow keys labelled "Volume" on the Sky remote. If the Pioneer amp does not respond, repeat Steps 2 through 5 using the next code in the list in the Tips section until the amplifier accepts the correct three-digit code.