Homemade magnifying glass

a magnifying glass image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

People who have trouble seeing small print in newspapers and magazines most often use magnifying glasses. If it is an effective tool for anyone to use when he wants to study a tiny object, such as an ant or a grain of sand. Making a homemade magnifying glass is an interesting way to teach children about science and the world around them. It is a useful tool to study minuscule items and to make any small object or print image appear larger, in order to see it more efficiently.

Open a zipper style plastic bag. It can be any size, but a sandwich or quart size is best.

Fill the zipper style plastic bag about three fourths of the way full of water.

Seal the plastic bag by pressing your fingers along one side of the strips on the top edge of the bag.

Slide your fingers to the other side of the bag while pressing the strips firmly. If the bag does not seal, start at the other side of the bag and repeat the method.

Hold the water filled bag flat in your hands.

Place it very close to any small object that you would like to magnify the image in order to see it better.

Notate that the image probably looks its normal size; slowly bring the bag toward your face a half inch or so closer. You will see that the object appears to get larger. Keep bringing the bag up toward your face until it begins to blur, at this point you can lower it closer to the object for the best view.

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