How to Place Markers on Google Maps

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Google Maps allows users to view satellite images and maps of virtually any location in the world. Users may also get directions, calculate distances and even create their own maps with custom place markers. Google Maps is a free service available to anyone; however, you must create a free Google account in order to create maps containing place markers.

Go to the Google Maps page in your web browser (see "Resources").

Log in to your Google Account by clicking "Sign In" which is located in the top right of the Google Maps page. Enter your Google account credentials and click "Sign In" to proceed. If you do not have a Google account, one can be created for free by clicking the "Create an account now" link below the sign in box. Once you are signed in you will automatically brought back to the Google Maps page.

Click "My Maps" located below the Google Maps logo.

Click "Create new map." Enter a title for your map and an optional description. If you would like to give only certain people permission to view your map, then select "Unlisted" as your privacy settings. Click "Done" to proceed.

Enter the address that you would like to mark in the search box located at the top of the window. Click "Search Maps" to display the location on the map.

Click on the place marker inserted by Google to open the options bubble.

Click "Save to..." from the options bubble. Select the name of your newly created map from the drop-down menu that appears, and click "Save." The place marker now appears on your newly created map each time it is viewed.

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