How to Make Tooth Paint

Changing the natural colour of your teeth is a way to improve and to complete the Halloween costume you have created. Whether you have decided to be a friendly witch or a scary zombie, you can make your own tooth paint as a creative and cost-efficient way to change colour of your teeth. It is likely that you already have the ingredients to make tooth paint in your home. When choosing a colour for your Halloween teeth, your imagination is your only limit.

Mix your choice of food dye colour and two pinches of baking soda in a bowl.

Put the teeth paint mix in your mouth, but do not swallow it. Swish the mixture of food dye and baking soda in your mouth for about a minute. Work the mixture between your teeth.

Spit the tooth paint mixture into the sink or garbage can. Do not rinse. The mixture will temporarily paint your teeth.

Squeeze three drops of food dye into a tube of lightly shaded long-lasting lip gloss.

Cap the tube of lip gloss, and shake for 30 seconds. Open the tube, and pump the lip gloss wand in and out of the bottle until the dye has changed the colour of the lip gloss.

Paint your teeth with the lip gloss wand.

Hold your mouth open for a minute to allow the tooth paint to dry. Do not close your mouth until you are sure that the paint is dry.

Squeeze enough toothpaste into a small bowl to paint your teeth.

Add drops of food dye to the toothpaste until the toothpaste becomes the colour of the dye. Add more food colouring to the toothpaste to make a darker shade of tooth paint. Stir.

Dip a small paintbrush into the toothpaste mixture, and paint a thin layer of the mixture on your teeth.

Hold your mouth open for five minutes to allow the paint to dry on your teeth.

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